Lose 51 lbs in 60 Days With No-Exercise: The Real Weight Loss Secret Used By Instagram Influencers To Naturally Melt Away Belly Fat.
This simple keto trick leads to rapid weight with some people dropping 4 pant sizes in just a month.

(Health & Lifestyle Daily) There’s a new unusual weight loss secret taking the country by storm, and the transformations are mind-blowing.

Many influencers are flocking to this new trick because it’s fast, simple to get started, and best of all -- makes you look incredible in photos.

It’s no longer a Hollywood secret - and you don’t have to be Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry or Lebron James to experience its transformational benefits.

Katie Swanson was doing her Masters degree at Princeton and she managed to drop 25 pounds off her waist in just a month.

Kathryn Dickinson almost gave up on getting a bikini body until she lost 23 pounds in just 30 days. And what’s most surprising about her transformation - she did it WITHOUT exercise.

Mark Wubby lost his confidence in dating. His weight issues had severely hurt his confidence -- but to his surprise, he lost a whopping 32 pounds in just 30 days and is back dating again.

“This Jumpstarts Your Body's
Natural Fat Burning Furnace...
So You *Must* Be Ready For Rapid Weight Loss…”
“This Jumpstarts Your Body's Natural Fat Burning Furnace...
So You *Must* Be Ready For Rapid Weight Loss…”
Just look in the mirror every day and see the visible results of unwanted fat, unwanted flab, unwanted cellulite, totally disappear right before your very eyes.

These are just a few examples of how people are transforming their body naturally, with a simple and effective weight loss solution.

The best part is, this “new way of eating” has a number of proven health benefits as well. It’s been shown to help lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, help reduce cholesterol, and even boost your energy and focus.

It’s called the Simple Keto System, and the reason why it works so well is because it tricks your metabolism into burning stored body fat -- for energy.

And it might sound crazy, but according to experts, “fat” has been the preferred fuel source for most of human existence.

While many diets trigger the ‘yo-yo effect’ where your weight goes up and down… Keto keeps you looking slim, trim, energized and healthy all year round.

“…This Is The ONLY Weight Loss Solution You’ll Ever Need...”

But there’s just one problem...

Up until now, sticking to a keto meal plan was HARD!

Keto is a high fat diet that requires you to significantly reduce carbs and sugar.

You not only need careful planning, ensuring each meal contains the right amount of protein, fats, carbs, etc… AND you also need enough variety and delicious “keto-certified” meals that make sticking to keto fun and enjoyable.

So for most people, sticking to keto was nearly impossible. Until Now...

Introducing the Simple Keto System: The First Personalized Meal Plan That FORCES Your Metabolism to Burn Stored Body Fat

The Simple Keto System team has developed a simple, easy and fun way to do keto, that’s perfect if you’re someone looking to burn 20, 30, or even 50 pounds or more of fat - quickly - and keep it off!

And -- the meals in the Simple Keto System are not only delicious but also CRUSH your cravings -- and make it easy to stay on track.

The Simple Keto System works because it’s:


The keto meal plan you receive is designed specifically to put your body into “fat burning mode” within just 2 days!


Each meal is simple and easy-to-prepare. We’ve done everything for you! Your job is to sit back, relax and enjoy your new summer body. No thinking required!


Each meal in your personalized keto plan is designed by a professional chef and taste so good -- you won’t believe it’s 100% keto!


While many keto plans on the internet right now can cost anywhere between $199 to $499. That’s crazy! We want you to enjoy ALL the benefits of keto without breaking the bank.

This 2 minute quiz will create a totally unique and customized plan for you. You can adjust the food you like/dislike, find out your metabolic score, and it will even give you an estimate of how much weight loss you can expect as well:

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Just check out some of the delicious “keto certified” meals you’ll get with your plan:

Enjoy delicious, mouth-watering keto recipes made especially for you…

According to these satisfied (and slimmer) Konscious Keto meal plan customers, losing weight has never been easier and more enjoyable:

Joe Riccardo
Burlington, NC
“If you had told me I could lose 10 inches around my waist by eating food like strawberry cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies and pizza, I would have thought you were crazy!”
Katrina Neale
Miami, FL
“When I first did keto, I lost 23 pounds in 60 days. I loved it but I just couldn’t keep it going. After doing the Konscious Keto meal plan, I’m back on the wagon and I ain’t gettin’ off!”
Ariana Burchall
Seattle, WA
“This does everything for you! I don’t have to think about what I can or can’t eat. It’s all in my meal plan. The meals are so easy-to-prepare, even my boyfriend can do it!”
Nick Martin
Miami, FL
“There’s so much delicious food in this meal plan, I feel like I’m cheating but I'm down from 202 to 184. Explain that? I can’t believe it!”

If you’re serious about burning 20, 30, or even 50 pounds of fat quickly, easily - and keeping it off - all while enjoying delicious food like pizza, ice cream, donuts, cheesecake, etc - take this simple 2-minute quiz

This simple quiz will create a customized plan for you. You can adjust the food you like/dislike, and see your nutrition requirements for Keto.

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Your transformation can be next!
Get My Fat Burning Meal Plan Now >>
Tamara Banks
I just did the quiz and I’m keto compatible. Yay!!! Just got my meal plan and can’t wait to start.
Jennifer Boyd
I keep getting asked if I'm in my 20's even though I’m 39. Do I have any make-up on? Did I have any body surgeries? The answers to all these questions is NOOOO it's about sticking to this amazing keto diet!
Jeremy Simpkin
I did it! 55 pounds gone. No surgery. Just caloric deficit. Took me 4 months but now I'm finally here. Sticking to this diet was easier than I ever expected it to be.
Mel Shaw
OMG THIS IS PERFECT!! I'm 230 pounds and I'm 5'3. I need this sooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!
Lewis Cook
I’ve been so inspired looking at all these before and after photos, I need to get this and share my own transformation.
Desirae Santos
My auntie did keto and she lost tons of weight! She no longer fat!
Rita Burlington
I am in my 40s, 5’4 in height and my weight is 160 pounds. I’m curious about everyone similar in age and height, how much weight does it say you’ll lose?
Ellie Sears
Omg, I can't believe I have reached my goal! 47 pounds lighter. I'm 5'0. After 8 months of dedication to this keto plan, I finally reached my goal!
Yasmin McGuire
My feeds have been flooded with these keto transformations. Makes me wanna do it and get my old body back
Martin Doherty
If this is real? i need to take this quiz
Danielle Smith
My waist shrunk to half its size in one week??? Is this normal??? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
James Lewis
Got my meal plan the other day and lovin’ it! So much tasty food and I can’t believe it’s all keto
Samantha Koger
Did the quiz and got the meal plan. Thanks!
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